Flash Anthology: Caring for Our Aging Parents

As one of the 1/4 of adults in their 40’s or 50’s caring for an aging parent, I have found strength and hope in stories about the ups and downs of caretaking. I’m pitching an anthology of flash-length stories (1,500 words or less), fiction and nonfiction, on the topic.

Stay tuned to this space for more information, a call for submissions, and the latest about the project — or sign up for e-mail updates here.

Write Flash About Caregiving

In October, I will be offering a class on writing about caring for our aging parents. Thank you to the Crow Collective for this opportunity to gather, read, and write about caregiving! Stay tuned for registration information by signing up for the Crow Collective list and/or mine! As the caregiver for my mom, I’ve found […]

Reading List: Our Aging Parents

Artists, journalists, researchers, and caretakers tackle the issue of caring for our aging parents in their work. Here are just a handful of links to some of that reading and watching. This list is regularly updated as a part of the Caring for Our Aging Parents anthology project. Research, Data & In the News “Caring […]