Artists, journalists, researchers, and caretakers tackle the issue of caring for our aging parents in their work. Here are just a handful of links to some of that reading and watching. This list is regularly updated as a part of One Wild Ride and the Caring for Our Aging Parents anthology project.

Research, Data & In the News

Caring for aging parents, sick spouses is keeping millions out of work,” by Abha Bhattarai in The Washington Post

The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America’s elderly,” by Anne Helen Petersen in Vox

Who will take care of America’s caregivers?” by Michelle Cottle in The New York Times

Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” from AARP

Pew Research Center’s exploration of The Sandwich Generation, middle aged parents “sandwiched” between caring for aging parents and kids

As COVID-19 rages, millennials make up growing share of ‘sandwich generation’ caring for kids and parents,” by Paul Davidson in USA Today


David Sedaris writes about his dad in The New Yorker’s “Happy Go Lucky”

Kirsten Johnson documents her dad’s decline into dementia in the Netflix film “Dick Johnson is Dead.” Read about it or watch here.

Cartoonist Emily Flake’s “How to Deal with an Aging Parent” in The Nib

Other Essays

Caregiving two generations almost cost me my career,” by Laura Zigman in The New York Times

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